Blogilates by Cassey Ho Workouts Calories Burned (Pick The Best One)


Cassey Ho is your go to YouTube personality if you are looking for pilates videos to do at home, as she is the one who inspired Blogilates to rise as one of the main pilates workouts in the US.

How many calories do Blogilates workouts actually burn? How do you know which workout is best to choose?

To summarize, you have the ability to burn upwards of 300 calories in a single session of Blogilates.

Sure, this is great news, but how do you pick which workout to do?

Don’t fear, I am going to present to you the best choices of all the pilates workout options she has to offer, as well as exactly how many calories you burn during these specific Blogilates workout sessions.

How Many Calories Do Blogilates Burn?

Blogilates workouts by Cassey Ho will allow you to burn anywhere between 150-300 calories depending on which of her pilates workouts you choose to do.

While pilates may not burn as many calories as other cardiovascular focused workouts such as running or even speed walking, that doesn’t mean you won’t burn a good amount of calories doing them. Any movement you choose to do is beneficial.

Not only can you burn some calories doing pilates workouts, but there are also many other benefits you can take advantage of such as:

  • Building strength.
  • Increasing flexibility.
  • Improving your core, lower body, and upper body.
  • Improving posture.
  • Better mind-body connection.

You may be wondering which Blogilates workout is best to start with. Let me break some of the most popular Blogilates workouts down for you as well as how many calories you can expect to burn doing them.

21-Minute All-In-One Tone Workout- Up to 225 Calories

Toning every part of your body with this workout will not be difficult at all, and you don’t need to perform leaps or insane burpees for this workout to increase your heart rate. 

Dumbbells and a mat are required for this video, and Cassey is amazing at offering alternatives for anyone without those items. 

Seven distinct exercises are included in the video.

You perform each one for as long as 45 seconds before pausing for 15 seconds. Repeat after cycling through each of the seven exercises for three rounds. 

What’s impressive is that this workout will let you burn up to 225 calories.

At-Home Total Body Slimming Workout- Up to 200 Calories

This is a fast workout you can perform at home, so it’s perfect for people with a busy work schedule. 

Ten maneuvers are featured in the video. Perform all of them for 1 minute, then pause for 10 seconds to rest. 

A couch is the only piece of equipment required for this exercise. This is an excellent exercise for toning your muscles as well.

Still, a few of these exercises heavily concentrate on your quadriceps, the muscles in the front of your thighs, encouraging their growth. 

If you want to really focus on building up your quads, then this will be a great choice for you. 

Looking to burn calories? No issue here as this workout lets you burn up to 200 calories.

14-Minute Total Body Pilates Workout- Up to 240 Calories

Typically, this workout is only accessible to those in the process of becoming POP Pilates trainers. However, Cassey has made it available to everyone for at-home use. 

Four of Cassey’s favorite POP Pilates workout tunes are combined in the video. Her sister also joins her in making this video. 

Cassey performs advanced as well as intermediate postures, while her sister performs beginner-friendly variations.

She performs various crunches and leg stretches while doing hundreds. She serves leg bridges, bridging pulses, heel lifts working from left to right, up and down, and leg drops in this phase of the butt challenge. A real burn. 

She performs the butterfly stretch, double-leg cycling, reclining helicopter, and earthquakes in the ab challenge. 

Cassey performs knee planks, knee flyers, lunges, and two pulsing lunges paired with hops in the last set. This workout lets you burn a total of 240 calories.

The Best Thigh Workout/Pop Pilates Top Tiktok Hits- Up to 250 Calories

Similar to full-body exercises, these are brief but focus more on the legs. That way, you may make them accommodate your schedule while also making sure you really work the legs well. 

Also, there are numerous lunges and squats in the videos, which over time, may bulk up the lower body and glutes.

Typically, when you are involving any full-body routine or lower body focused workout, you will burn more calories than upper body focused workouts.

Narrow squats, Standing Leg Swings, Squatting Leg Swings, Plie Squats, Single Heel Plies, Up Up Down Down Plies, Leg Circles, Sideways Scissors, Inner Thigh Lift, and Inner Thighs Circles are the exercises Cassey Ho allows you to perform in this video. 

The best part? This workout lets you burn a total of 350 calories.

Blogilates Weightless Arm Workout- Up to 150 Calories

This arm workout is an upper-body exercise regimen that requires no special equipment and targets the shoulders, biceps, triceps, and upper back. 

Even though the exercise only lasts 13 minutes, you maintain your arms raised the entire time.

Every minute or more during the workout, you complete a new activity that builds on the one before it. 

All equipment is optional for the entire workout, which may be done either seated or standing. 

There isn’t much movement during the workout, so you probably won’t sweat AS much. 

This workout lets you burn a total of 150 calories.

20-Minute Lean Arms Cardio Pilates Workout- Up to 240 Calories

Although this workout lasts only 20 minutes, it will feel much longer because of its difficulty. 

Another great plus is that no equipment is needed for this workout. 

No matter the position, Cassey is always there working out alongside you. She continues to perform every tricep dip, oil rigging, and plank jack alongside you, even though the exercise sequence repeats itself three times.

The workout comes with a timer, which is helpful because some actions are challenging. 

It lets you know the number of times side push-ups are left to complete the set. Side push-ups are challenging. 

If you need more time to be ready to perform the exercises in the manner that Cassey is demonstrating, she also shows the necessary adaptations so you can build up to the entire workout. 

The changes are also a fantastic way to back off if the exercise becomes too challenging. This workout lets you burn a total of 240 calories

Quick Sweat Cardio Beat Workout- Up to 295-300 Calories

Cardio is only some people’s cup of tea when working out. However, most can say they like this workout either way. 

This is a short and sweet workout that Cassey promises to be apartment friendly, which means no jumping.

Just because there is no jumping involved does not mean you still can’t get a killer workout in.

This workout is done to the beat of the music, so it’s almost like a dance workout. This is perfect for a warm-up and a good start for people who have just started doing cardio. 

This workout lets you burn a total of 295-300 calories.

In Summary

Blogilates is a great choice for someone who wants to workout at home by doing pilates, but still burn some calories in the process. You can actually burn up to 300 calories with these workouts!

It is important to remember that not every person will burn the same amount of calories with any given workout, as you need to take into consideration your current build, activity level, and intensity you put into the workout.

Your choice as to whatever part of your body you want to concentrate on to get the maximum calories burned is entirely up to you. 

I always say this and it still rings true. ANY movement is GOOD movement. What is most important is that you are staying active and enjoying the workout.

Also, don’t forget to focus on your nutrition as well. If you want to lose weight, exercise is not enough. You NEED to make sure you are eating in a caloric deficit.

Don’t forget to check out more helpful content below!

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