Caroline Girvan Workouts and Calories Burned (Best Choices Included)


If you are looking for home workouts you can do in the comfort of your own living room to burn some additional calories, you may have stumbled upon Caroline Girvan.

If you are looking for a better option for home workouts, Caroline Girvan’s workout videos may be a good choice to help you burn calories at home while also helping you build some muscle in the process.

With Caroline Girvan’s workouts, you can burn 100-250 calories on average. 

Even better, her workouts can be done at home and without having to buy super expensive workout equipment. The only thing you will need are some dumbbells and a mat.

On her YouTube channel, Caroline focuses on intense training. She has a five day epic training program that targets your upper body, core, hamstrings, legs and full body. 

Most of her workouts focus on building muscle, improving stability, increasing cardiovascular and muscle endurance and increasing strength.

The effectiveness of your exercises largely depend on the workout videos chosen from her channel. 

This article will highlight the best of her workout videos making it easier to choose one that will make your weight loss journey a success.

First, however, here’s some information on Caroline. 

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Who is Caroline Girvan?

Caroline Girvan is a renowned fitness instructor with over 2.2 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, 572k Instagram followers, and 178 Facebook followers. The high number of followers are proof that many people trust her workouts.  

She is a certified personal trainer and a NASM nutritional coach. She also has over ten years of experience in the fitness industry.

Caroline Girvan started fitness training after realizing that her family members were struggling to keep fit. 

They would work hard and spend a lot of money without achieving their desired results. This gave Caroline the idea of using her expertise to help her relatives and other people burn calories and become healthier. 

Since then, she has helped millions of people worldwide to solve their fitness issues, which might only be possible with proper guidance from a professional.

Do You Need Any Equipment?

While equipment is not absolutely essential to complete any of Caroline’s videos, I absolutely do recommend you pick yourself up a workout mat at the least and some dumbbells.

This is especially true if you have hard floors in your home. A workout mat will allow you to do any exercises lying down more comfortably and will provide cushion instead of a hard surface.

You can also pick up a pair of 15 lb dumbbells to get you started or adjustable dumbbells if you want to increase weight over time and build muscle.

I am sure you are eager to get started, but might not be sure what videos by Carolyn will give you the most bang for your buck calorie burn wise.

Below are some of the most helpful workout videos from her YouTube channel that you should consider.

30 min Full-Body Dumbbell Workout at Home- 250 Calories

The full-body dumbbell workout can be done at home. The workout will help you burn around 250 calories as this video focuses solely on compound movements.

Compound movements are great for trying to build muscle, especially for beginners. Both men and women should utilize compounds. 

In addition, you can build noticeable muscle within 6-8 weeks if you train consistently and use progressive overload by making the exercises harder over time.   

You do this by either increasing weight, reps, or intensity of the exercises you are performing. In other words, you are making the exercises more challenging over a period of time.

In this workout, you’ll perform different exercises, three times each, using 15 kg dumbbells. Every session will last 30 seconds; after which you’ll take a 30 seconds break before resuming.

For the first exercise, you need to squat while holding dumbbells close to your body. You’ll then start with the high squat followed by the sumo deadlift squat. 

Then, make a static lunge with the dumbbells in your hands. 

After the squats, you will perform a Romanian deadlift, followed by the shoulder press exercise with one or two dumbbells, depending on how comfortable you feel when working out.

The full-body dumbbell workout only requires you to have a mat and two dumbbells. These are affordable and can be a good starting point especially if you don’t have several workout machines at home. 

20-Minute Bicep Workout with Dumbbells- 150 Calories 

The 20-minute bicep workout with dumbbells will help you to burn about 150 calories. 

You will also notice a difference in the appearance of your arms within 6-8 weeks if you work out regularly and increase weights or reps.

You will need a mat and two 8kg dumbbells for this exercise, and each session will last for 40 seconds. 

You will also take 20 seconds breaks after each exercise.

For this workout, you will curl your dumbbells 21 times divided into three rounds. However, if this is challenging, you can curl them seven times for the first round and fewer times for the other two. 

For each round, you simply switch through different varieties of bicep curls and rows. The rows will put a little more emphasis on your back as well.

If you follow Caroline’s instructions on YouTube, you can build muscle and add definition to your arms within two months. Just remember to follow her instructions and keep your elbows at your side when curling.

Form should always be your top priority with any exercise.

20 minutes ABS workout at Home (No Equipment)- 225 Calories

If you plan to work out without buying any equipment, the 20-minute ABS workout might be the best. 

This workout will burn up to 225 calories per session and 1-2 percent of body fat per month if you work out continuously and are in a calorie deficit. 

For this exercise, start by lying on your mat and doing plank twists. Then, do the plank ALT knee side tuck, followed by the dead bug exercise. 

The next workout will be the toe taps exercise, followed by the elbow ALT tuck exercise.

Take a break then do the reach-to-leg opener exercise before doing the straight-leg reverse crunch exercise. 

After a rest, do the hip lift for a minute, followed by the leg lower to frog tuck exercise. Next is the tabletop same leg exercises. 

You will also perform an OPP hand-to-foot chop, hip lift to ALT exercise, crunch with pulse for a minute before doing the OPP elbow-to-knee crunch. 

The hug-to-hollow exercise will be the next workout in this session before finishing with the butterfly crunch workout. 

You will burn up to 225 calories if you do these exercises for 20 minutes a day. However, noticing a considerable change will also mean you need to fine tune your calorie intake as well. 

The most important part about trying this workout is that you don’t need any equipment. So, having a tight budget should not be a reason for not working out. 

20 minutes Solid Arms and Shoulder Workouts with Dumbbells- 160 Calories

The 20-minute solid arm workout on Caroline Girvan’s channel is an effective calorie burner. With this workout, you can burn up to 160 calories in one session. 

You will need two 8 kg dumbbells and a mat for this workout. The exercise is an arm workout that will combine the shoulder (deltoids), biceps and triceps. 

You will do several exercises that will last for 40 seconds before taking a 20 second break. Your exercises will include shoulder press, facing hold, and ALT press. 

You will realize increased definition within two months if you do the exercises continuously and use progressive overload. Simply increase weight with good form or increase reps.

Remember that you only need two 8kg dumbbells and an exercise mat to get started. No gym membership needed here.

15-minute Standing ABS Workout with Dumbbells- Up to 100 Calories

You can burn up to 100 calories if you do the 15-minute standing ABS workout using dumbbells. 

This exercise will also build your muscles within three months if you work out regularly. 

Each exercise in this workout will last for 20 seconds, and you will do them when holding 4 kg dumbbells. 

You will then punch the air for 20 seconds and rest for the same period before continuing with other exercise. 

This workout will strengthen your abdominal muscles and improve your appearance in combination with a calorie deficit if you are looking to shed body fat.

However, this might not happen within a few weeks or months. Therefore, if you don’t notice a considerable change within the specified period, keep working out until you reach your overall end goal. 

This workout doesn’t need a huge investment. Just purchase two 4kg dumbbells, follow Caroline’s instructions on her YouTube channel when working out and you’ll be good to go.  

The Bottom Line 

You can burn up to a whopping 250 calories just by performing the workouts on Caroline Girvin’s YouTube channel. However, this depends on your current body weight, intensity of your workouts, and which workout you choose to perform.

It might be challenging to do the exercises as Caroline does them on her videos at first. However, if you are consistent, you will master all the moves.

Don’t expect visible weight loss changes in a week or two. Losing weight takes time. 

It is also important to remember that losing weight requires a calorie deficit. 

If you only are performing workouts and not tracking caloric intake then you’re not going to see any results.

If you are not sure how to calculate a calorie deficit, you can check out the article below.

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