Does Chapstick Have Calories? (Solved)


Most people don’t think twice about applying Chapstick or lip balm when their lips feel dry. But have you ever wondered, does Chapstick have calories?

Chapstick and other lip balms do not contain any calories that count. This is because they are applied topically and are not meant to be ingested.

However, some flavors of Chapstick do contain small amounts of sugar or other sweeteners. These added ingredients can contribute to a very small number of calories per application when you lick your lips, but they won’t hinder weight loss.

Overall, the calorie content in Chapstick and lip balms is not something that you need to worry about.

Let’s talk more about it.

Does Chapstick Have Calories?

Chapstick does contain some calories, because it is made from petroleum, paraffin, and mineral oil, but it is not designed to be ingested.

Most Chapstick flavors contain about 2-4 calories per gram. Therefore, a typical Chapstick container as a whole will have about 30-55 calories in total.

Depending on the flavor of Chapstick you choose, it could contain more calories than listed above per gram, but this simply does not matter. These calories are not ingested in any type of way to make a difference.

Chapstick does not even contain a nutrition label, because the calories in Chapstick are minuscule and you will not be ingesting the entire calorie content in a container of Chapstick.

Actually, you would have to eat multiple Chapsticks as a whole for these calories to make a difference in your caloric count. Nobody does that. I also do not recommend ever doing that.

Chapstick brand also does not recommend doing that.

Do We Absorb Calories in Chapstick?

No, you do not absorb any amount of calories from Chapstick that will have any significant impact.

When applied to the lips, Chapstick is largely composed of emollients and waxes that form a barrier on the surface of the lips.

This barrier prevents evaporation of water from the lips, which is why Chapstick is so effective at moisturizing them. We use Chapstick to help heal our lips and prevent them from cracking.

However, it also means that very little of the Chapstick actually enters the body.

Calories need to be ingested and travel through our gastrointestinal system for us to process them, we do not absorb calories through our skin.

So, this means that the vast majority of the Chapstick you apply will remain on the surface of your skin. So don’t worry about those calories in Chapstick adding up!

How Much Sugar Does Chapstick Contain?

Chapstick comes in a variety of flavors, including cherry, mint, and strawberry.

While Chapstick can be a great way to keep your lips hydrated, some people may be surprised to learn that it also contains sugar.

In fact, one tablespoon of Chapstick cherry flavor Chapstick contains six grams of sugar.

The good news? This amount of sugar DOES NOT mean anything.

You do not ingest Chapstick like you do your food, it is not designed to be eaten.

You are actually not consuming any of this sugar content in any amount that would make a difference. It is simply there to provide flavor on your tongue when you lick your lips.

Can Chapstick Cause Weight Gain?

Chapstick is a brand of lip balm that has been on the market for over 100 years.

Though the ingredients have changed over time, the basic premise of Chapstick is to moisturize and protect the lips.

But does Chapstick have calories? The short answer is no, Chapstick does not have calories that you need to worry about.

However, some people believe that Chapstick can actually lead to weight gain. The reasoning behind this claim is that Chapstick can cause you to eat more.

It is thought that the act of putting Chapstick on your lips can trigger a Pavlovian response, causing you to associate the Chapstick with food.

As a result, you may find yourself reaching for a snack more often than you would otherwise.

However, there is no scientific evidence to support this claim. So while Chapstick may not be calorie-free, it is unlikely to cause weight gain.

So, the answer is no, Chapstick will not cause you to gain weight. You are totally safe!

In Summary

Does Chapstick Have Calories? Yes it does, but you do not need to calculate these calories in your daily caloric intake.

The calories that Chapstick contains are not going to provide any benefit and they are not going to wreck your weight loss goals either.

You can continue to apply Chapstick to your lips as much as you want and not worry about the calories adding up.


Below are a list of questions many individuals also ask when asking about the calorie content of Chapstick.

1. Is Chapstick made of fat?

No, Chapstick is not made of fat. Chapstick is made of waxes, oils, and other ingredients that help to moisturize and protect lips.

The main ingredient in Chapstick is petroleum jelly, which is made from a variety of hydrocarbons.

While petroleum jelly does contain some fatty acids, it is not primarily composed of fat.

In addition, Chapstick also contains waxes such as beeswax and paraffin wax.

These substances help to create a barrier that keeps moisture in and prevents chapping. As a result, while Chapstick does contain tiny amounts of fats, it is not primarily made of fat. You do not need to worry about the fat content of Chapstick.

2. Is Chapstick Healthy to Eat?

While the ingredients in Chapstick are generally safe and considered non-toxic, they can be toxic if swallowed in large amounts.

In addition, the waxy consistency of Chapstick can make it difficult to digest and can cause choking.

To put it in simple terms, Chapstick is not designed to be eaten, so it is best to not ingest it.

3. Does toothpaste contain calories?

A single ounce of toothpaste contains about 36 calories, which adds up to about 478 calories per tube.

However, since most people only use a small amount of toothpaste at a time, the number of calories that they consume from toothpaste is usually very small.

In fact, even if you brushed your teeth twice a day with an entire tube of toothpaste, you would still only consume about 9% of the daily recommended calorie intake for an average adult.

So, while toothpaste does contain calories, it is not a significant source of calories for most people.