How To Answer “Did You Lose Weight?” (Best Responses)


Are you unsure of how to answer the dreaded question “Did You Lose Weight?” or any question regarding your weight, or you are just not sure how you should feel about the question in general?

If someone asks you if you have lost weight, you should feel proud of your accomplishments and just answer the question truthfully. The person asking is likely not trying to hurt your feelings.

You can respond by saying:

  • Thank you, yes I have. You look great as well!
  • No I haven’t, but thank you so much!

If you do not want to discuss your body, you can say:

  • I’d rather not discuss it right now if you don’t mind, it’s a work in progress.
  • I’m trying to take my mind off of it, let’s talk about what’s new with you!

It’s as simple as that. There is no need to respond in a rude manner when someone is trying to make you feel good.

Let’s talk some more about it.

How To Answer “Did You Lose Weight?”

When someone asks you if you have lost weight, just answer honestly. If you have, then tell them you have. If you haven’t, then say so.

It really is that simple! Honesty is the best policy when it comes to questions like this.

There is no need to try and hide the fact that you may have lost weight, or to downplay it. Just be honest and straightforward in your response. This will show that you are comfortable with your body and confident in your appearance.

If the person asking has definitely noticed you have lost weight, they likely want to recognize your achievements and boost your mood by complimenting on all of your hard work.

If you have lost weight, then be proud of yourself! This is a great accomplishment and should be celebrated. Let others know about your success and share your tips for staying on track. Helping others to achieve their goals is a great way to stay motivated yourself.

If you actually have not lost any weight, what is the harm done? Someone wants you to feel good about yourself, not make you feel bad about yourself by giving you a compliment.

Maybe this person is looking for guidance too. Maybe they want to know how you achieved your weight loss because you have put a spark in them to try to do it themselves.

Losing weight is not easy, so be sure to give yourself a pat on the back for all your hard work. And remember, no matter what anyone says, always be proud of your accomplishments and the hard work you have put into yourself.

Why Do People Comment When You Lose Weight?

People comment when you lose weight because they simply just want to know, or they are looking to compliment you to make you feel good about your achievements.

If someone close to you, such as a family member or friend, asks if you’ve lost weight recently, they are likely just curious and want to know how you’ve been doing.

On the other hand, if an acquaintance makes a comment about your weight loss, they may be looking to give you a compliment.

In either case, there is no need to feel self conscious or embarrassed. Just simply answer the question honestly and move on with your day.

Remember that you should always be proud of your accomplishments, no matter what anyone else says!

If you get shy when someone gives you a compliment, this is a normal reaction. Accepting compliments is a skill that can be learned with practice.

Many others will tell you to tell them to mind their own business. I do not recommend responding in this way, at all.

If you do not want to answer their question, there is no need to be rude to the person asking, simply just tell them you do not want to discuss your weight and leave it at that.

Is Commenting on Someone’s Weight Loss Rude?

No, commenting on someone’s weight loss is not rude because it is likely an attempt to give a compliment or help you to feel proud of yourself.

It also can be a confidence booster and help to motivate them to keep up the good work.

However, some people may prefer to keep their weight loss private and not discuss it with others. In this case, it is best to respect their wishes and not bring it up.

Some people are shy when it comes to discussing their weight or any aspect of their lives. So if someone looks to be uncomfortable when discussing their weight or their body in general, don’t push the topic.

This way you can avoid any potential awkwardness and make sure that everyone is comfortable with the conversation.

Should You Feel Offended When Someone Asks If You Lost Weight?

No, you should not feel offended when someone asks you if you have lost weight, because their intention is likely not to be malicious.

This is a perfectly normal question to ask, and it should not be taken as a personal attack.

However, no one can control or tell you how you should react or how you will feel in regards to any specific situation.

If you do feel offended, maybe just let the question slide after you address it once. If the person keeps bringing up your weight loss or your body in general and it is making you comfortable, just simply say you do not want to talk about it right now.

If you have your own issues with your body that you are dealing with and do not want to talk about your body in any way, this is your right. Just tell the person you would like to avoid the subject.

What Do You Do If Someone Makes a Rude Comment About Your Weight Loss?

If someone makes a comment about your weight loss or overall weight that is downright rude, make it known how you feel.

There is a difference between asking if you lost weight versus making fun of your weight or your weight loss.

The latter is not ok, and you have every right to stand up for yourself.

Just be classy and honest in your response. You can simply say that their comments are hurtful and that you would appreciate it if they refrained from making such remarks.

Make it a teaching moment and show them that you are the bigger and SMARTER person.

A great idea is to school them on the negative effects of fat shaming in general as it pertains to mental health and suicide risk amongst obese individuals.

Fat shaming or any type of body shaming is unacceptable and if someone is doing this to you, they need to be told about their behavior and that it is unacceptable.

If the person persists, you might need to just end the conversation or even walk away, because a person full of hatred and negativity is not worth your precious time.

It is important to stick up for yourself and not let anyone make you feel bad about your accomplishments or your body in general. Remember that you have worth and deserve to be respected.

In Summary

If someone asks you if you have lost weight, it is perfectly fine to just answer with the truth.

Most of the time, this question is asked as a means to compliment a person, not cause harm.

If you do not want to discuss this subject at all, then just tell them. There is no reason to respond in a rude manner.

Be proud of all the hard work you have done if you have lost weight, and if you have not lost weight, just say thank you and leave it there.

Remember, there is a difference between trying to compliment you and trying to offend you.

if someone is shaming you or your body, it is important to stand your ground and stick up for yourself. No one deserves to be treated poorly because of their weight or appearance.

We are all unique and deserve respect, no matter what size we are.

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