How to Display Calories on Fitbit? (Super Easy Tutorial)

how to display calories on fitbit

To see calories in detail, open the Fitbit app; you can see the “calories burned” option on the dashboard. 

Fitbit app shows the total calories based on your heart rate, steps taken, weight, height, and BMR.

But, you can get active calories by subtracting BMR from total calories.

You could visit the dashboard in your Fitbit app to get a complete fitness statistic file that includes your approximate calorie burn.

Fitbit will not show calories; you can only access calories through the Fitbit app. To access your stats on Fitbit, swipe the screen up on the clock; it will show active minutes, heart rate, and more. 

How to See Calories Burned on Fitbit?

Fitbit starts showing calories when its setting gets somehow altered. So if you want your app to keep showing the steps, you can follow these points:

  • It would be best if you moved the “step tile” upward to make it the main category rather than sub group.
  • For this, press and hold the “step tile” option.
  • It will detach from the dashboard.
  • Move it upward and replace it with the tile present in the main-data category.
  • After completing the process, tap the “Done” option.

How to Fix Fitbit Calories Burned?

If Fitbit shows messed-up calories, it can mean that estimated calories are enabled. Fitbit used calorie estimation with data entered but no logged activity. It means you need to log the activity in your Fitbit app with the goals you want to achieve.

The steps to take :

  • Log into your account, open the dashboard.
  • Tap the “gear” icon present in the upper right corner.
  • Open settings.
  • Scroll the page and find calorie estimation.
  • Could you change it to Disabled?

How to Use the Fitbit Dashboard?

To use Fitbit, you need to set up your account on it. For this, install the Fitbit app, which is free. Try to use the new version because it will give you access to all the advanced features. Please follow these steps for guidelines:

  1. Download the app; you can download it from the play store, the Apple Store, and Windows.
  2. Turn the Bluetooth on before using the Fitbit app, and ensure you have a tracker close by with which you want to pair it.
  3. When the app installation completes, open and register yourself by clicking on the “join Fitbit” option.
  4. Put all your information in the app. Follow the on-screen instructions and add important information.
  5. After creating the account: open the dashboard by opening the app on any device.
  6. Different tiles will appear on the screen; add the ones you like. Click on the menu icon on the left side of the mobile, and many boxes with different tiles will appear, check these boxes to add the tiles to the dashboard.
  7. Many options are available on Fitbit as Fitbit food plans and water intake records, Where you can add weight and height and keep track of your calories and calorie loss. 
  8. You can also remove unnecessary data from the app by clicking on the “gear” icon and selecting the “trash” icon to remove the tile.

How to See Calories Burned on Fitbit Verse?

You can not display calories on your Fitbit; only the dashboard on Fitbit will show you your calorie data. Active calories can not be seen on Fitbit. It shows time spent doing all workouts and the total calories, including heart rate, weight, and steps taken. 

So go into the app and follow these steps:

  • On the dashboard, click on the “heart” icon.
  • It will show you the whole day’s data.
  • The heart rate zone will tell you how many calories you burned.
  • For more details on calories burned; check the “calories burned” tile.
  • You can also change the data here.

Is the Fitbit App not Showing Steps?

If your Fitbit app is not showing steps, please make sure your app has a steps tile.

You can check this by:

  • Log into your Fitbit app.
  • On the top right corner edit, the option will be present.
  • Tap that and scroll down to the bottom.
  • Click the circle in front of the tile you want to show.
  • After finishing, click Done.

But, if the tile is showing but it’s not synced, you can follow these steps:

  • Log into your account on an iOS device.
  • On top of the dashboard, type your tracker name.
  • Make sure the tracker is near and has a full battery.
  • Scroll until the Sync now option, click it and wait for it to Sync.

How to See Calories Burned on the Fitbit Sense?

The Fitbit uses the weight, BMR, height, step, and heart rate for calories burned estimation. 

It uses a different algorithm to estimate the calories burned. 

The Fitbit shows accurate calories burned for average people, but it is not for extreme accuracy. It does not consider body fat which is a bit odd. 

To see calories on the Fitbit app:

  • Log into your Fitbit app and open the dashboard.
  • You will see the “calories burned” tile on the dashboard.
  • Open it for more details on calories burned.

The Fitbit Calories In vs. Out

You can track your calories in the Fitbit app. It will tell you how many calories you intake, and how many have you burned. This app provides calories in and out measurements that keeps track of your calorie intake and burned calories. 

This measurements displays the following levels:

  1. Under Budget: It means you need to eat a little more or need to reduce your activity. It shows that our target deficit is too small compared to the current.
  2. Calories Left: It means that you can intake more calories till midnight. Midnight does not help in calorie resetting. But by having more calories, you can end your day in Zone.
  3. In Zone: It means you are eating just right. You have achieved your target deficit, your calorie intake, and your activity level is according to your target, So everything you are doing is right. 

You can use it to achieve your target of losing weight by; making changes in your target activities. Especially if you are trying to lose weight, move in your Zone. 


The Fitbit app is a great way to control your weight. By entering in Fitbit community, you can set your target goals and start a new thread about burning calories.

You can use the online app community by joining an exciting conversation on the internet. The online community has real people you can connect with and get motivation. Free information is also present on the online community feature

Please take a moment and follow this article to the end. People also ask questions are included at the end of this page. Check them out. You will get the answers to all your questions.

The Fitbit app is more accurate than Apple and Garmin watches. So, it is a great help in tracking your health routine to help lose weight.

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People Also Ask:

1. Can you see calories on Fitbit?

No, you can not see calories on Fitbit. You have to open the app for calorie information. Fitbit does not show the calories.

You can take the following steps to see calories:

  • Open the Fitbit app, log into your account.
  • On the dashboard, you will see a heart icon tap on it .
  • It will tell you the whole day’s data.
  • The heart zone will tell you the calories burned.
  • For more details on calories burned, click on the calories burned tile on the dashboard.

2. How do I get my Fitbit to display calories instead of heart rate?

The Fitbit does not show the calories burned. You have to open the app to see the calories burned. It shows heart rate data on the app when you click on the heart icon. That screen will tell you about the calories you burned. 

Go to the following steps for calories burned:

  • Open the Fitbit app, log into your account.
  • On the dashboard, you will see a heart icon; tap on it.
  • It will tell you the whole day’s data.
  • The heart zone will tell you the calories burned.
  • For more details on calories burned, click on the calories burned tile on the dashboard.

3. How do I add calories burned to my Fitbit dashboard?

To add calories on the Fitbit app, follow these steps :

  • Open the app, log in to your profile.
  • Go to the menu and tap activities.
  • Select create a new goal.
  • Tap the activity type you want to enter.
  • Select the calories and number of activities according to your goal.
  • Follow instructions on the screen and tap done.

4. Does Fitbit show active calories or total calories?

The Fitbit does not show active and total calories separately as the Apple and Garmin watch does. This feature is really important, and Fitbit shows the time of exercise spent in different zones, but does not count the calories separately. 

The calories burned during activities are called active calories, while the resting calories are included in total calories. You can determine the active calories by subtracting BMR from total calories. 

5. Is Fitbit calorie burn accurate?

No, Fitbit does not show accurate calories, but it is better at accuracy than others. It shows calories burned to underestimate by just 4% while overestimated by 50%. 

The app uses height, weight, step, and heart rate to determine the calories burned. It is close to the best we had in accurately calculating burnt calories. 

6. Why is my Fitbit not showing my heart rate and steps?

If your Fitbit is not showing any data, it means the tile got removed from the dashboard, and there can be two reasons for this:

Somehow, you removed your tracker. Simply open your account, and verify that your tracker is listed there. If it’s not, then follow these steps:

  • On the right corner, tap on the account, then click the “set up a new device” icon.
  • Choose the tracker and follow on-screen instructions. 
  • You accidentally removed your tile from the dashboard, which is now invisible. If that’s the case, please follow these instructions:
  • Open your account.
  • Scroll down and find the edit button.
  • Tap the edit button, and the invisible tile will show a + sign.
  • Press the sign to show it on display again.

7. Why isn’t my heart rate showing on my Fitbit?

If Fitbit shows 0 heart rate, then your feature of heart rate monitoring may be off. To find this out, go to settings and change the heart rate monitor set to On or Auto. 

If it’s already on, turn it off and tap on again. Usually, the problem is solved by doing this. You can contact the online Fitbit community for answers if it’s still showing a problem.

8. How do you track calories burned during the workout on Fitbit?

The Fitbit device uses combined data from your personal information and your daily workout to track burned calories. 

Your basal metabolic rate (also called resting calories) are the calories you use just to stay alive, and your active calories consist of the calories you used doing workouts. 

9. Where is the dashboard on the Fitbit app?

When you open your Fitbit app, the dashboard is the first screen you see. It shows all the activities going on in the app. It has all of your activities in one place. 

Every activity is present in the shape of a tile.

You can edit or delete any tile you want. That way, you can manage your Fitbit dashboard as you like.

10. Does Fitbit charge 5 show calories burned?

Yes, it shows the calories burned while you are walking or running. You can even see your current pace, heart rate, average pace, steps taken, times of day, distance travelled, and time spent working out on the screen of your tracker. 

So, just tap on the tile you want to see the data of.