How to Edit Calories on Garmin? (Explained)


To edit calories in the Garmin device you first have to connect with the connect app of Garmin.

Then open the menu of Garmin connect app and there you see options to select iOS and Android.

After choosing iOS or Android select the health status.

Select Calories In or out, edit the calories, and then save them and you are done.

You can set all the goals according to your taste. You can adjust your training, distance, time, type of activity, and pace in Garmin connect easily. 

You can change your goals at any time. If you don’t like to run miles and it makes you drain out of energy then you can go for other elements in Garmin connect.

In this article, I will give you full details about how Garmin works.

How to Change Calories on Garmin Connect?

Garmin connect is the device in which you can calculate your workout and set your goals for weight loss. But, if you’re not liking some of its features while having set them on the watch, you can always change them. 

To change calories you have to follow some steps:

  • Go to your account on Garmin watch or the website.
  • Click on the specific exercise you want to change the calories off.
  • There you can edit and change the specific calories you want to.
  • But it will keep the other data like duration and time of workout.

How to Show Calories on a Garmin Watch?

Calories information can be seen in your Garmin Connect device after you made the account on the Garmin website, then sync the information on the account. 

There are multiple classifications present for calories like activity calories, active calories, and relating calories. 

To see active or activity calories you have to tap that specific activity that you want to see information from. 

If you want to watch the total calories also called total calories follow the steps below:

  • Open the Garmin Connect app or open it from the Garmin website.
  • Then tap health status.
  • Here you can see the total calorie option.
  • Tap on the total calories it will give you both resting and active calories.
  • You can also use the MyFitnessPal app if it’s connected to your Garmin connect account.

Calories not Showing on Garmin Connect

If you have the problem of calories not showing on Garmin Connect there can be multiple reasons for it. 

You can delete and reinstall the app, or maybe your app needed an update so update it to the recent version.

Some can have problems with the setting it means calories are calculating but not showing on the homepage so you can follow these steps to get them back:

  • Open the Garmin Connect.
  • Now tap the My day page and browse down.
  • Edit option will appear tap on it.
  • Then look for calories if they are listed under the My day card.
  • If it’s not on the list tap the “+” sign to get calories back on the My day page.
  • Now tap save which is on the top right corner.

Garmin Activity Class and Calories Burned

A setting called Activity class in Garmin connect makes it possible to adjust your activities such as the ability to regulate the frequency and the time how long you will train in a week. 

The measurement is between 0 to 10. You can make an activity chart on Garmin connect from no exercise to daily light to hard exercise, you can also adjust frequencies that how many times in a week you did that exercise.

See the chart below for a better understanding

Garmin activity class chart

Garmin Activity Class helps in:

If you have adjusted the activity class accurately and also added your personal information rightly to the device. These will help you to determine and enhance the calories burned in a specific activity. 

If you have any problems you can adjust the setting of the activity class for better results. So you can use it as a motivation for burning calories and losing weight. 

Garmin Steps Calories

Garmin calculation is based on the different activities you do daily. It counts the workout you set on Garmin mobile app or web, your details are also important as they will determine your metabolic rate, and Garmin will use this in the estimation of total calories burned. 

Garmin also provides information about burned calories using steps. But some people have issues about step calories as most of the time the setting of Garmin needs an update so it works properly. 

If it’s still not resolved, you can take these steps to make it work. 

  • Open your Garmin connect account on the app or the web.
  • Go to the setting and check if all steps counting is on.
  • If its off, turn them back on.
  • For example ForeRunner,  mostly people turn them off because they think it is not needed during step counts.
  • You have to keep all steps counting on so that Garmin does not count steps double and can subtract activity steps.

Garmin Calorie Counter Accuracy

When you have a device like Garmin, you want to lose weight with these devices by keeping a check on your calorie intake and the calories you burned during workouts called active calories. 

But, you also wonder how accurate this device is. There is more than one way you can use to make your Garmin more accurate in burning calories. The accuracy level changes according to the method you are using. 

Let’s take a look at all methods starting from slightly accurate to more accurate. 

1. Power meter to get kilojouls:

This method is not accurate or less accurate but is different units. It does not show the straight calories but you can convert Kilojouls to calories.

2. Speed and distance Algorithm:

As it’s evident from the name, it is a speed and distance-based calorie burn algorithm and totally depends on GPS and it is the most basic way to estimate calories.

 When users do not use the heart rate strap, it leads to heart rate data absence causing this device to use already present data of weight and height in the device with distance and speed. 

 This is not very accurate because it can not determine the efforts you are putting into your workouts. 

3. Algorithm of Heart Rate:

 GPS is not present in some Watches they use a proprietary-based Algorithm. The heart rate strap used with this algorithm was built to get independence from distance and speed that is connected with GPS.

This algorithm is a calorie burn calculation based on classic heart rate as engineers described it and they did not add any more tools to it to make it more fancy or accurate

4. Firstbeat Algorithm (first generation):

This algorithm is slightly accurate compared to the (2nd generation) Firstbeat Algorithm, but their process is almost similar to each other. However, it’s an old version and found in old Garmin devices that’s why it’s a little less accurate.

This does not show accurate data in pro runners but it is best for the new runners.

5. Firstbeat Algorithm( 2nd generation):

This device without using any exterior trial measures calories accurately, that’s why it is considered more accurate.

The finish company developed this and the calculation used user information like gender, weight, height, and fitness.

After that, they combine this with heart data, especially estimates the time between each heartbeat to decide on MET ( Metabolic Equivalent) from which we can determine the actual workout done by the user.

6. Test profile For New Leaf:

It works as the 3rd company that determines calorie burn through a VO2 test. You don’t have to hook on tubes for this test. You have to take a test for running which determines the activity calories

Download your profile on your Garmin device when you are done with your test. It will deliver more accurate measurements. That is also attached with a monitor that gives accurate heart rate.

editing calories with garmin

Garmin Active Calories are Too High

Garmin uses an algorithm to measure active calories burned. So what if it is showing a high rate of active calories? Multiple factors can be the cause of this. Check these following points to determine if there is any fault in the calculation of calories burned.

  • Make sure you are logging into the correct account.
  • After logging in look for the heart rate graph that if it’s correct for the required period.
  • If it is not correct you need to reset your watch (read: how many hours until calories reset?)
  • Sometimes you need to calibrate the watch when its showing issues or you need to update it to a recent version.
  • But mostly when it’s time to Reset the watch it shows a “!” icon on the screen.
  • To reset, the watch follow the instructions shown on the screen.

Garmin Walking Calories

There are two types of calories: Active calories and resting calories. Active calories are the ones that we burn during workouts and resting are the ones that get burned while doing nothing. So when you walk you burn calories and multiple factors can affect that. 

Calories calculation depends on the algorithm you are using and its accuracy also depends on that. So when you are using the heart rate algorithm, it will give accurate calories. While using the speed and distance algorithm, this gives less accurate calories. 

If your Garmin shows fewer calories you need to make sure that you have entered the latest information correctly and if it still shows problems you need to reset the Garmin.


Garmin is a good device if you want to keep yourself fit. You can track your calories and set your daily goal in the app and achieve your weight loss goal

As you can not remove calories from Apple watch, it is important to also know you can not remove it from the Garmin app because they are designed for fitness purposes. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How do I change the calories on my Garmin app?

If you want to change the calories on the Garmin app go to the Garmin website and take these steps

  • Log in to your account.
  • On the right-hand column tap goal that you want to change.
  • Edit option will appear from there you can change the calories.
  • After making changes tap “Save Changes”.
  • Next time changes will appear on the app.

2. How do I add calories to my Garmin watch?

Garmin watch is used for keeping track of fitness. You can count calories on the Garmin device.

For this, you had to set your calorie goal on the watch.

  • Go to the Garmin website and log into your account .
  • Open the menu and tap all activities.
  • Select on create a new goal.
  • Select the activity type that you want to enter.
  • Select the target calories and number of activities.
  • Follow the instructions and tap done.

3. How do I edit my calorie goal?

 For editing calories goal follow these steps:

  • Open the Garmin website and log into your account.
  • Tap goals that appear in the upper right corner.
  • Select the goal you want to edit.
  • Tap the edit option that will appear on the screen.
  • You can edit your desired Calorie Deficit goal.
  • After making changes click “Save Changes“.
  • You will see the changes on the app next time.

4. Can you remove calories from Garmin?

No, you can not remove calories from Garmin. As in Apple Watch, you can change calories to the lowest level, but can not remove it. You can hide calories from the display screen. This is the same as in Garmin you can only hide calories from the screen display but can not remove it.

5. How does Garmin calculate calories?

Garmin calculates two types of calories Active calories and Resting calories. Calories burned during the workout are called Active calories while calories burned doing nothing are called resting calories.

Active calories are calculated by the type of activity, height, weight, heart rate, and gender. Garmin calculates active calories according to these factors.

6. How do I delete steps from Garmin connect?

Delete steps from the Garmin connect by the following process:

  • Open your Garmin account.
  • Go to settings and select the specific activity you want to delete.
  • On the upper right corner press the gear icon.
  • The delete option will appear, click on it.
  • Tap yes to confirm delete.

7. Does Garmin instinct tell you calories burned?

Your Garmin connect device shows you how many calories you burned during the whole day. The Garmin device uses the data from activity tracking features like how many steps you take, the distance you traveled, and your heart rate (if available), combined with your information like height, weight, and your gender to estimate the calories you burned.

8. What is the highest VO2 max on Garmin?

 VO2 max is the maximum amount of oxygen someone utilized during workouts and this number describes cardiorespiratory fitness. Users can determine the VO2 max on Garmin too.

The highest VO2 max on Garmin is from 60 to 97% and it is affected by different factors like gender, type of activity, and age. But, it is still not clear if it shows accurate volume or not. People mainly think these are non-accurate volumes.

9. Does Garmin have a scale?

With Garmin connect mobile app only one scale works that are Garmin Index S2. This scale provides measurements for weight, body mass, BMI, and more. 

Garmin Index S2 scale can measure weight up to 400 pounds and it shows an accuracy of about 0.1 pounds. On this scale, you can change units from pounds to kilograms and stones, etc. 

10. How do I use the Garmin smart scale?

You have to set up Garmin smart scale by directly pairing it with Garmin connect app and also by connecting it with a working WIFI connection before using all the features of the device. 

  • Open the app store on your phone and install the Garmin connect app.
  • Open the app and select the option that adds scale to Garmin connect account.
  • Follow the instructions displayed on the screen of your computer or smartphone to set the device.

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