How to Remove Calories From the Apple Watch (Easy Tutorial)

Apple watch- how to remove calories

Do you own an Apple Watch? If you’re trying to change your lifestyle and lose weight, an Apple Watch can be a great help.

We know that in order to lose weight, you must be in a calorie deficit. An Apple Watch can help you get there.

An Apple Watch has the ability to be a calorie counter, but you may be wondering how to remove calories from the Apple Watch. Maybe you enjoy the watch more for its other features instead.

We are going to talk about this a little more in depth, while also discussing all the ways you can fine tune your Apple Watch to meet your weight loss needs.

Let’s get right to it.

How to Remove Calories from the Apple Watch

While many Apple Watch users find this feature helpful some of them also want to remove this feature from the watch for multiple reasons. 

They might feel the calorie counting aspect is annoying, inaccurate, or they simple don’t feel the need to count calories and rely more on portion control and hunger cues.

So, is it possible to remove this function?

No. You can not remove calories from the Apple watch altogether as it is connected with the three rings in the watch interface, which is part of the Apple branding and also the marketing and tech of the Apple watch. 

You can however, lower the daily move and calories.

How to Remove the Calories Goal on Apple Watch

First, I think it is important to discuss the activity rings that are a part of your Apple Watch. What are these rings and what are they even for exactly? Let me clear this up for you.

Activity Rings on the Apple Watch

There are three activity rings present in the Apple watch, and they consist of three colors.

The red ring is known as the move ring, and it shows movement and calories burned.

The green ring is known as the exercise ring and shows the amount of brisk activity performed.

The blue ring is known as the stand ring and shows how many times you have stood up throughout the day..

These rings appear on the watch daily and when you complete your daily activities according to the watch, the three rings get closed. 


Exercise and stand goals have fixed timing but you can adjust move goals which are also calories according to your need. 

You can not remove the calories goal from the Apple watch as it is an integral part of it, but you can just adjust it to be as low as 10 calories. 

How to change the calories goal on your Apple Watch:

  • Look for the Activity app on your iPhone and open it
  • The three rings with other options will appear on the screen
  • Then tap the activity rings on the screen and two options will appear again
  • Scroll down and press change move goal
  • The current calories goal will appear on the watch and the plus, minus sign will appear which is used to adjust the calories 
  • Used the minus sign to reduce the calories to the lowest level
  • After adjusting calories press next and next then ok

You can also remove the rings on the screen display altogether and only open them when needed so you don’t have to watch them all the time. You can even turn off the notification by turning off the prompts. 

How to Delete Exercise Minutes on the Apple watch?

Tons of people use Apple Watches to keep a check on their health and they set exercise goals and calorie goals for themselves. 

To delete exercise minutes on the Apple watch you need to follow the following steps:

  • Open the Apple Health app on the phone and at the bottom tap browse
  • Look for an activity then tap on it 
  • It will show exercise minutes tap on them 
  • Scroll down to the bottom then tap on show all data
  • Then select the data you just want to remove
  • There is an edit option on the top corner of the right side 
  • Minus signs will appear in front of every minute press them 
  • Or you can delete the ones you don’t want to keep
  • After finishing the process press the done on the top right corner 

If you manually added the minutes then you can also restore the watch from backup. It will set it to the point where you didn’t enter the workout minutes.

If this method does not work as expected, you can contact Apple support via the app.

How to Delete the Fitness App from Apple Watch?

You can remove the fitness apps in two ways: 

  1. You can remove apps through the Apple Watch itself
  2. You can remove the apps through iPhone

Remove the app through Apple Watch:

  • Bring up the home screen on your Apple Watch by pressing the digital crown
  • Note if the apps are in a grid view or list view after the home screen appearance
  • In Grid view look for the app you want to remove and hold the app you want to delete until its jiggles. When the cross “×” sign appears press it to delete the app. 
  • In List view swipe left to the app you want to delete and press delete
  • To confirm and finish touch the digital crown.

Remove the app with your iPhone:

  • First, go to your iPhone and open the watch app
  • Press my watch tab
  • Open the installed on the Apple Watch category, now select the app you want to remove
  • For the app, you want to delete, press on it
  • Now turn off the show app

How to Delete Stand Hours on the Apple watch?

Sometimes Apple Watches don’t work as expected and start doing an activity when you are resting, so what can you do?

Well, you can delete these hours on the Apple Watch by following the steps:

  • In your IPhone, go to the health app
  • Scroll and find stand hour tap it, can be present in the activity
  • Now scroll and go to the bottom
  • Tap on show all data, select the day you want to delete the data of 
  • On the upper right corner tap the edit and delete the data as you want
  • When you’re finished tap done

How to Reset Activity Rings on an Apple Watch

If your watch starts acting funky, then you may need to reset it. Here we are going to talk about how you can reset activity rings on your watch.

You can take the following steps to resets the activity of the ring:

  • First of all, open the health app on IPhone
  • On the top right corner tap the profile icon, then on the next screen, under the privacy option select apps
  • Select the health app from the app page
  • Now delete the data you want to get rid off
  • There will be an option to delete all data you can select that for resetting all activities 
  • After removing the data from Apple watch you would not be able to get it back as it is an irreversible process.

How to Remove Peloton from the Apple watch?

  • For this go to connected devices in the more menu
  • Touch the Apple health app
  • There you can unlink the device you want
  • After unlinking, you can delete the app if you want to
  • For this go to the home screen of the Apple Watch by pressing the digital crown
  • If apps are in grid view you can press and hold the app you want to delete until it jiggles. You can sync your Peloton workout data with the Apple Watch workout. It’s easy, you just have to install the app and open it then follow the instructions for syncing these apps. 

But if you want to remove the Peloton from your watch or want to disconnect it, you can follow the given steps to do so:

  • First of all disconnect the app from the watch
  • A Cross sign will appear to touch it to delete the app
  • In the list view swipe left to the app, and it will give the option 
  • Delete the app and confirm by pressing the digital crown again

How to Delete Activity on Apple Watch (2022)

Do you want to delete an activity on your apple watch but don’t know how to? Here we are gonna talk about how you can do just that.

Two ways you can delete an activity on the Apple watch

  1. On iPhone
  2. On Apple watch

Follow the steps below :

  • If you want to delete it on your iPhone open the health app on your phone
  • Press show more to browse the activity you want to delete by months
  • Find the one you want to delete 
  • Swipe to the left to the activity you want to delete, delete button will appear, press it
  • You will get two options
  1. Delete workout and data: this will delete all the data in the health app and the workout you want to delete 
  2. Delete workout: it will just delete the workout
  • Now if you want to delete the data on the Apple watch
  • Tap on the Health app to open it, go to the summary tab
  • Touch shows all data on this tab
  • Halfway down the screen press workout
  • Then tap show all data
  • It will show all the data you want to delete, swipe the data you want to delete to reveal the delete option
  • Then follow the same step we followed above to delete the workout you want
  • Just remember it’s an irreversible process

Delete Strava Activity on Apple Watch

For removing Strava activity on the Apple watch you need to do:

  • Open the Strava app setting
  • Scroll and find the activity you want to delete
  • Touch the activity to open it, in the upper right corner select ellipses 
  • Options will appear 
  • Select the delete option to delete the activity
  • You can not reverse the things you deleted


Apple Watches can be very beneficial in helping you reach your weight loss goals while in a calorie deficit.

While you can’t totally remove calories from your Apple Watch, there are many other options to fine tune your watch for your needs.

If you need to reset your activity, you can do so by following the steps in this article.

You can also delete or disconnect apps like Peloton from your watch.

And finally, if you want to delete an activity, you can do so on your iPhone or directly on your Apple Watch.

Please keep in mind that some of these tasks may not be able to be undone, so just be 100% sure before making any changes in your Apple Watch.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How do I stop my Apple Watch from counting calories?

It’s not possible to make your watch stop counting calories. But you can take some steps to make calories count as low as 10. 

Steps to follow to make calories count low:

  • Open the Activity app on your iPhone 
  • The screen will show other options with the three rings 
  • Two options will appear again when you will tap the activity ring
  • Browse down to press change move goal
  • the watch will show the current calories goal and the +,- sign will appear, used to adjust the calories 
  • Minus sign will reduce the calories to the lowest level by pressing it
  • Press next and next then ok after you are done adjusting calories

2. Why does my Apple Watch say I burned so many calories?

Apple Watch shows the accurate calories burned and there are two types of calories burned. First is from physical activity called active calories while second set of calories burned are from when you’re just resting. So total calories burned are always higher than active calories. 

By keeping track of both you can adjust your routine according to them. 

3. Why is my Apple Watch only tracking active calories?

If your Apple watch is only tracking active calories, this may mean the total calorie count is turned off in the watch. Consider the following steps:

  • Open my watch feature, scroll to find the workout option
  • Find the workout option, click it
  • Scroll down, make sure calories are the measure unit chosen
  • Now look if you have multiple metrics then choose the specific workout on the list
  • Make sure total calories are not in the “do not include” section 

4. Why does my Apple Watch count calories when I’m not moving?

The Apple watch measures active calories as well as calories burned during rest. We do not just burn calories when we are doing workouts but also when we are resting.

This is known as your basal metabolic rate, or BMR. So, when you’re not moving you are still burning calories which your apple watch shows in total calories. 

5. How inaccurate are Apple Watch calories?

Apple Watch shows calories used as assumed by your age, height, weight, and gender so it around 40-45% accurate.

Remember, this is only to be used as a guide as an Apple Watch is never going to be 100% accurate in tracking calories burned.

A calorimeter, which is a medical device, is the only truly accurate way to measure calorie burned and how much time it takes to burn calories, but the average person will not have access to one. The Apple Watch is close to being the best at tracking calories, and can be used as a close estimate. 

6. Can you edit calories burned on Apple Watch?

Yes, you can edit calories burned on the Apple watch

  • You just have to go to the health app, open it and go to the activity, open it
  • You will see three rings and other options on the screen
  • Tap the activity ring, it will show two options 
  • Tap change move goal
  • Current calories will appear with plus and minus sign 
  • By using them you can edit calories 
  • After that tap next and next then ok

7. Why are my resting calories so high?

Resting calories are the calories that your body burns when you are not doing anything. The Apple watch uses BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) to estimate these calories. At rest, the body is still functioning so calories are burned during that time. 

Apple watches use gender, height, and weight to estimate the BMR. But if you still think your watch is not showing correct data then you can calibrate it to make it is working properly. It has been proven many times that these devices start showing inaccurate data from time to time.

8. How do you turn off exercise calories?

  • Open the app
  • Then, tap log 
  • Browse down to the exercise section and select the exercise you want to turn off
  • Here, you can on or off calories

For tracking exercise without calories use the exclude calories feature on exercise.

9. Do resting calories count towards weight loss?

Yes. All calories count toward weight loss as long as these calories are burned in a healthy calorie deficit

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10. Do I look at active or total calories?

By default, the Activity app on your Apple Watch shows you active calories, which are the number of calories you’ve burned through all forms of movement.

This includes things like walking, running, and any other activities you do throughout the day.

To see your total calorie burn for the day, which includes both active and passive calorie burn, open the Activity app on your watch and scroll down to the “Move” section.

Here you’ll see both your active and total calories for the day.

Passive calorie burn is the number of calories you burn while at rest, and it makes up a large part of your total daily calorie burn.

To get an accurate estimate of your total daily calorie burn, it’s important to track both active and passive calorie burn. By default, the Activity app on your Apple Watch does this for you so you can easily see how many calories you’re burning each day.

Not sure what these mean, check out the article below!

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