How to Show Calories in Beat Saber: Is it Possible?


Beat Saber does not show calories on the screen; you must record calories on fitness bands, Apple Watch, and other fitness apps. You can also use a PC-based app. YUR is the most commonly known in people for PC tracking in Beat Saber

To use this app, you need to install it first:

  • You can install this app from SideQuest, from the Quest TV, open it and make your account if you don’t have one.
  • Enter basic information about yourself and the goals you want to achieve.
  • YUR will make a fitness plan based on your goals.
  • An overlay will hop on the screen, notifying you about your workout once you start playing the game.
  • When the overlay disappears from the screen, you can see it again by holding the controller with both grips and pressing both joysticks. The overlay will only appear for a few seconds but if you want it to show always on the screen, use YUR settings.
  • Open the YUR app to track calories burned, time spent, and your progress on Beat Saber.
  • A Beta version of the Android phone or iPhone app can also be downloaded and synced with Apple Health; that way, you can handily see your improvement. 

Beat Saber is a virtual reality (VR) game. It provides two sabers to the players to match a complementary cube. Players slice the cubes coming towards them in this game using sabers.

How to Show Calories in Beat Saber

You have found that playing Beat Saber is a great form of exercise, so you might want to find out how to show calories in Beat Saber.

Unfortunately, it is not very simple to do in Beat Saber alone. You will need to use a different app while playing to show calories.

Read on to find out how.

Is There a Calorie Counter in Beat Saber?

No, there is not any calorie counter in Beat Saber. Several games have a calorie tracker, such as Fit×R, while others do not have any calorie tracker as they are not built for workouts. However, this does not mean you can’t burn calories playing!

Beat Saber is a virtual reality game in which players slice the cubes moving towards them with the help of two Sabers. 

It’s easy, and you don’t need a computer to play Beat Saber. It’s simple to start; no wires are attached to trip you up. 

As Beat Saber was not designed for any workouts, they didn’t add a calorie tracker. It was just a game designed to have fun, but many people started using it as an exercise tool, especially in COVID-19 quarantine. 

The game developers launched the song “FitBeat, designed to help people lose weight and burn calories.

People use fitness bands, watches, and apps to track their calories. But most people use PC-based apps, and YUR is the most common. 

How do you Turn on the Calorie Tracker in Beat Saber?

As discussed, Beat Saber does not have any calorie tracker built in, so external sources are used to track calories. Beat Saber is a VR game that people used to have fun with, but in quarantine, people also started using it as a workout.

People use many fitness tracking devices to track their calories. YUR is the distinguished calorie-tracking PC mod for this VR game, and people commonly use it.

Alternate Way to Show Calories Burned Playing Beat Saber

There is an alternate method you can use to show how many calories you are burning while playing this game. You can do this in the YUR app.

Follow the steps given below to turn on the calories for Beat Saber:

  • Install and open the YUR app from the Quest TV app
  • If you are not signed up already, click the signup button, make the account with all the information they asked for, and set the goal to help YUR make a fitness plan for you. 
  • Once you start playing Beat Saber, one overlay will appear informing you about the workout.
  • It will appear only for a few seconds, but if you want it to always show, go to the settings and configure it. 
  • Open your YUR app to track calories, time spent, and progress.

How Many Calories are Burned Playing Beat Saber?

It depends on the work time and the type of movement, but it mostly ranges in value from 8.57 to 9.86 kcals per minute. That value is about the same as the value of calories burned playing tennis. 

But in some cases, during tests, the estimated values were between 6.55 to 7.45 per minute. This is a very feasible option for cardiovascular fitness.  

People are conscious of their calories burned. Beat Saber is a workout you can do at home and any time of the day, even at midnight.

As already mentioned, Beat Saber was not designed as fitness app, and the developers released the song “Fitbit” when people started using this game for entertainment and workouts.

Does Playing Beat Saber Count as Exercise?

Yes. Beat Saber is a great way to exercise. Any movement you can fit into your day will help you immensely.

Beat Saber was not designed to be used as a form of exercise, but it ended up being one. 

Beat Saber has become one of the doable alternatives for cardiovascular exercise for people who have difficulties with the traditional means.  

The developers updated the game with a 360-degree mode that is the same as the other sections of the game, except in 360, you do all the action towards all the sides, making this game a good workout as you need more body tendency.

It was not designed for exercise, but people started using it as one because of the high, strenuous movements of the body when playing. 

beat saber counts as exercise- girl playing beat saber to lose weight

How Many Calories Does 30 minutes of Beat Saber Burn?

Beat Saber helps burn calories, and you can burn a lot of calories by playing.

Playing Beat Saber can burn between 8.57 to 9.86 calories per minute on average. So in 30 minutes, you can burn approximately 240 to 260 calories. 

This also depends on the mode and level of the game you are playing and how hard you are going. The skilled players with hard maps burned 200 calories in 20 minutes. 

It is a good and affordable way to lose weight at home. If you play this game and your diet is on point, you can shed some pounds for sure!

How Many Calories does Beat Saber Burn Per Hour?

You can burn as many calories as possible using different modes and levels on Beat Saber. 

An average assumption for calories is between 8.57 to 9.86 per minute. You can burn about 480 to 540 calories in one hour by playing the Beat Saber game. 

It can vary from person to person by their skill level and using the mode of the game. Some people shed a good amount of fat by playing Beat Saber. 

It is a fun game; you can also use it as a form of exercise. It also helps improve cardiovascular fitness. 

Soundtracks are also interesting; they released a song, “Fitbeat,” especially for work out.

Is There a Beat Saber Workout Mode?

There is no specific workout mode for Beat Saber, but there are many levels with many difficulties and maps, so you can find the one that suits you best.

The song tracks are also different; some songs have more body and arm movements while others have more sound bars that you have to avoid or slash. 

You can choose the levels and mods according to your skill level or your goal of burning calories. The average calories burned is about 8.57 to 9.68 per minute. Pro players with good skill levels and hard maps can burn even more. 


Beat Saber is a VR rhythm game. Originally designed for entertainment, people soon realised that it could help burn calories and considered it a home workout. 

To put it simply, people gain weight when they do not burn more calories than they consume. These calories carry on from day to day, and they add up in the form of unwanted weight gain. 

This game can be a great form of exercise as it has many levels and a lot of maps—people who are experts in playing beat Saber at the expert level and burn more calories. 

According to your level of expertise, you can benefit from this game too. 

The game has no calorie counter; you must track calories with an external calorie counter. Most people with VR headsets play this game.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long should you play Beat Saber?

Playing Beat Saber helps in stimulating the brain and body, so you can play as much as you want or according to your capacity.

This game is about slashing the cubes to the beat of the music. Beat Saber is approximately 6 hours long, and you can 100% complete this game in about 47 hours. Of course, it is not recommended to play for 47 hours straight, but 1-2 hours at a time is fine. 

2. Is Beat Saber good cardio?

Yes, Beat saber is a great outlet for improving cardiovascular fitness. Beat Saber does not let players finish when they are playing badly; instead, they restart the game if players skip so many cubes. 

That way, players have to play the hardest level, so there is more downtime for players, which leads players to maintainin a steady heartbeat

3. Can Beat Saber make you stronger?

Yes, playing Beat Saber can make you stronger. You will be moving various muscles more than you might be used to, and as you keep playing, your muscles will adapt and can grow.

It depends on how much movement you are doing and how much stress is being put on to the muscles.

Body movement does help in muscle development, but of course, it will not be a drastic change in your muscle mass unless you are increasing the amount of time you play each time or increasing intensity. 

4. Where is the health bar in Beat Saber?

The beat saber has a white health bar under the path where the blocks travel. When players slice the cubes correctly, it slowly fills up, and when they miss the notes, it starts decreasing by a little piece. 

When the players miss the notes completely, the bar will decrease by a large chunk, and the game ends once the bar gets empty. 

5. How many calories does Beat Saber burn?

Beat Saber burns on average 8.57 to 9.68  calories per minute. In 30 minutes, playing Beat Saber can burn 240 to 280 calories at average speed and level—a pro player can burn 200 calories in only 20 minutes with expert playing skills. 

So in one hour, you can burn 480 to 500 calories playing Beat Saber. The calories burned depend on the level’s difficulty and the map.

6. Beat Saber weight loss stories

Many people use Beat Saber to have fun and love using it as a weight loss tool. If you look on the internet, there are many stories about individuals who enjoyed playing Beat Saber and burned calories. 

Robert Long is one of the people who was battling depression because of the car accidents he went through, which left him with some serious scars.

The stress of not moving as he used to lead him to overeat, which led to weight gain. He sought medical help, and his doctors told him to lose weight. That’s when he came across VR games and Beat Saber. 

He found it fun at first, but when he started playing, soon he realised he could lose weight by playing Beat Saber for exercise. With the help of a healthy diet and just playing Beat Saber as an activity, he lost more than 140 pounds. 

Another user of Reddit QTpopOfficial writes on the app that they went from overweight to normal weight by playing the Beat Saber only. 

8. Is Beat Saber good for your brain?

Beat Saber is a good way to burn calories, lose weight, and improve cardiovascular fitness. It is also effective for brain activity. 

With the increased body movements while playing Beat Saber, the blood flow in the body also increases, and the brain gets a sufficient amount of oxygen supply, which helps build the brain’s capacity to work more adequately.

It also helps build better memory as memorizing structure is a basic part of this game. You have to filter and remember information instantaneously.