Lilly Sabri Workouts: Calories Burned (Most Popular Broken Down)


If you are looking to lose weight and increase your calorie burn, or just get fit, you might have thought about trying out Lilly Sabri workouts.

These workouts are geared to help burn calories and they are quite easy to do right in your living room. But, how many calories can you burn from Lily Sabri workouts?

To summarize up front, Lilly Sabri workouts burn on average 80-250 calories depending on which workout video that you choose from the channel.

But what are the differences and what makes each video different? Let me help!

Read on to learn more and how to pick the best video for the best calorie burn.

Who is Lilly Sabri?

An acclaimed physiotherapist, Lilly Sabri holds a certification in Pilates. However, she first came to fame by trying out and explaining her exercises on social media platforms.

Her Instagram follower list is more than 100k and her Youtube videos have fetched millions of views. Needless to say, she also carries a solid fan base on YouTube.

The biggest highlight of Lilly’s workouts is the fact that they are extremely informative and can be tried out for free because you can check them out at any time on social media platforms.

These exercises are also easy to perform and will barely take you any time. So, if you are struggling to find time for exercise amid your busy schedule, Lilly’s exercises might be one of your top choices.

Another cool fact about Lilly is that she also has an exclusive fitness app that features fitness products and a range of dietary accessories for anyone trying the Lilly Sabri workouts.

The app gives you more exclusive entries to her exercise and training sessions. However, you can still check out YouTube and this blog to know more about her usual exercises and training.

What Are The Basics of Lilly’s Workouts?

Even before you check out the workout plans, you might want to know what the fundamentals of Lilly’s workout are all about.

Essentially, this workout program combines a range of exercises starting from pilates, HIIT, cardio, and other strength training sessions. Because she tries out these exercises at home you need less equipment than usual.

This way you get to be in shape without spending a fortune on the expensive fitness equipment.

The other best part is these workout regimens typically come with a one or two day break every week. So, you can always recover and get back to training after the break.

As you will find in the later sections, the exercises are simple and easy to follow. And if you try them regularly, you can lose visible weight in no time!

How Many Calories Can You Burn From Lilly Sabri Workouts?

Finally, let’s come to the biggest point- Lilly Sabri workouts and calories burned that you can expect.

Typically, you can burn anywhere from 80 to a whopping 250 calories when you perform her workouts.

However, as most exercise enthusiasts would know, the number of calories you burn will vary depending on the type of exercise you are performing, the intensity, and your current body size.

Either way, you will still be burning additional calories no matter which video you choose, and if you are trying to lose weight this will help you get there for sure.

Now, you must remember that if you are trying to lose body fat, you must be in a calorie deficit. If you are not sure how to create a calorie deficit, please check out the article I have for you below as it will tell you everything you need to know to get started.

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Losing body fat cannot be achieved without a calorie deficit and burning more calories than you consume over time.

Now, back to Lilly’s workouts.

I’m sure you are wondering which of Lilly’s videos you should start with. Well do not worry, I have broken down her most popular ones for you below.

Lose Fat in 7 Days- 80-90 Calories

This is one of the easiest workouts from Lilly. All you need to do is spend five minutes on the workout seven days a week for visible results. The biggest highlight of the workout is that it doesn’t include any equipment.

For this workout, you first have to lie down. Next, you need to raise your left leg and crunch it across your body while finally reaching your ankles and back.

Repeat this for the right leg and complete this exercise over five minutes with a 10-second break every 10 sets.

Now, I will say that the title of the video can be a tad bit misleading. While it is in fact possible to lose fat in 7 days, do not be surprised if you do not see any fat loss at all in 7 days or if the amount of fat lost is not what you expected.

Losing weight takes TIME. You are not going to get to your desired end result in 7 days. But you can burn some calories in the process.

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Slimmer Inner Thighs in 14 Days- 100 Calories

This is an excellent exercise for working your inner core and when done the right way, it helps work out your inner thighs too.

You want to try this exercise if you are planning to build your inner thigh muscles. All you need is a pillow and 14 days straight for this training session.

For this exercise, you start with squats and complete 10 squats each round before moving to side squats. Follow the side squats using both your legs for 10 sets for visible results.

Finally, place the pillow between your inner thighs and perform medium squats. Complete these three rounds of exercises for 10 minutes.

Now again, the title of the video is a bit of a stretch, but you can definitely burn some calories doing this workout. This workout will allow you to burn up to 100 calories!

Full Body Fat Loss in 14 Days- 150-250 Calories

The cardio workout is ideal for anyone who is looking to commit to 10 minutes each over 14 days. The biggest highlight of this workout is that, unlike conventional cardio, this doesn’t involve any jumping.

So, if you are afraid of jumping or physically unfit to jump for cardio, this is your exercise to try. Also, if you live in an apartment with neighbors below you, they won’t be bothered.

The exercise begins with long squats after which you need to squat sideways. This is followed by a 15-minute recovery time after which you need to lie down and perform 10 sets of lunges.

Finally, you complete another 10 rounds of push up to finish off the overall training.

This Full Body Fat Loss workout can help you to burn up to 250 calories in a single workout, which is a great amount.

Slimmer Legs in 10 Days- 80 Calories

This leg slimming exercise is geared to tone up your legs in 10 days. It doesn’t involve any equipment. All you need to do is commit for 10 minutes every day for the best results per Lilly.

The workout starts with a set of basic squats for 10 rounds followed by sideway squats for another 10 rounds.

Finally, you need to lie down and stretch your legs for another 10 rounds to complete this exercise.

It might seem tough at the outset but when you try this for days you will lose weight and get toned legs in no time. You will also burn about 80 calories in the process.

Smaller Waist and Lose Belly Fat in 14 Days- 40-80 Calories

This workout will take 10 minutes and consists of exercises focusing on abdominal muscles.

Exercises include crunches, reverse crunches, Russian twists, and other crunch varieties performed in 50 second intervals with a little break in between.

While this workout is short, you will definitely feel it in your abs.

This workout consists of you mainly on your back and it is basically an ab workout, but you can still expect to burn at the most 80 calories.

If you don’t feel like this is enough calorie burn for you, you can easily do this exercise along with the next one I am going to talk about, which is more cardio focused and is my favorite.

Low Impact Sweaty Cardio- 120-160 Calories

I saved the best for last. In my opinion, this is probably one of the best videos Lilly has on her channel.

This workout takes 15 minutes and as the title says, you will get sweaty.

This workout is a more gentle form of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and involves 5 total exercises; squats, curtsys, glute bridges, side lunges, and mountain climbers.

There are three total rounds of these 5 exercises with small 10-15 second breaks in between with 45 seconds of actual exercise time per exercise in each round.

You will burn 120-160 calories depending on the individual, which is a great calorie burn for 15 minutes of time.

The Bottom Line

You can burn anywhere from 80-250 Calories by doing workouts by Lilly Sabri. This is individualized and will depend on intensity as well as your current body size.

Lilly Sabri Workouts might seem daunting at first if you are a beginner. However, with a tad bit of practice, you can master even the toughest moves and get better at them.

I do want to stress that the titles of her videos can be a tiny bit unrealistic. It is possible to have full body fat loss and build some muscle doing these videos repeatedly, but it is not likely you are going to achieve your end result in 7-14 days.

Losing body fat and getting in shape takes time. It is important to realize it could take longer than this.

A good healthy weight loss is a fat loss of about 1-2 pounds per week, Anything more than this is not a good idea.

Because we have outlined the workouts and discussed their fundamentals, we think you will find it easier to adapt to the training sessions if you know what is in store.

If still in doubt, you can always check the Lilly Sabri channel or join her exclusive program to know more about the training and find even more videos there.

Either way, any workout that will get you moving is a step in the right direction when it comes to losing body fat. If you give it your all and maintain a healthy calorie deficit, you will lose weight and embark on your fitness mission.

Don’t forget to check out some calorie breakdowns for some other popular Youtube workouts!

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