Madfit Workouts and Calories Burned (Most Popular Workouts)


Maddie Lymburner is one of the most well known fitness personalities on YouTube with 7.66 million subscribers. Her workouts consist of mainly dance style routines and are sure to get anyone fired up and ready to burn some calories.

Throughout each of her videos, she demonstrates different ways to burn calories while dancing to well known hits and most of the time with no equipment needed.

On average, Madfit workouts will burn between 100-520 calories depending on which workout you choose.

Not sure which of her workouts is the best bang for your calorie burning buck? Let’s break them down.

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Calories Burned In Madfit Workouts

Workouts by Madfit have the ability to burn upwards of 520 calories, but the amount of calories you burn will depend on which video you choose to do.

Some of Maddie’s workouts do burn more calories than others.

Why? The reason is because not all of her videos are the same type of workout.

Some of her videos have a focus on building muscles of the upper body or lower body, while others are more focused on cardiovascular exercise such as slow cardio or even HIIT.

I am going to break down her most popular videos for you so that you can get an idea of how many calories each will burn.

Whatever video you decide to do is entirely up to you!

Just a heads up, you might want to have a good workout mat to use if you are doing these workouts. This will make exercises that involve the ground much more comfortable for you.

15 Min Tiktok Dance Party Workout: 130 Calories

At only 15 minutes long, this is an excellent workout if you’re becoming restless at your desk throughout the day and want to break out into a mini dance party. 

The first song serves as a warm up to get you going, while the middle has the most strenuous cardio-intense dances and motions that let you burn up to 130 calories, and MadFit puts some serious thought into the flow of the workout as well. 

She warms up with simple step taps before progressing to more complex moves like lunges and punches.

This particular workout has a wide range of motions, and everyone knows that when it comes to dancing workouts, repetition of the same moves to different songs might become old fast. 

Still, MadFit seems to be doing a fantastic job of keeping the moves unique to each song. Also, because the songs on TikTok tend to be brief, you won’t be forced to repeat the same dance steps for too long. 

If you want to get the most out of a dance workout, your trainer must participate alongside you, and MadFit does just that. The dance party will always have at least two people because MadFit will show you the routines and dance with you. It’s easy on the joints and doesn’t need special gear whatsoever.

With this workout video, you’ll never have to lift a single weight or use any other piece of equipment besides your body. 

People may be hesitant to try dance workouts due to the misconception that they will be required to memorize a complex program. That’s not what this exercise routine is! 

Thanks to Madfit’s guidance, this workout won’t feel like some choreography lesson, as there are plenty of training exercises like side crunches, lunges, and punches in addition to the music-synchronized moves and hip-shaking.

30 Min Low Impact Full Body Workout: 320 Calories

This 30-minute workout is perfect for squeezing in during your lunch break, right after you wake up, or whenever you find yourself with a few spare minutes. 

It’s great that the routine includes a warm-up and cool-down. It saves time from tracking down two different videos. This clip has it all. The workout implies that you won’t have to seek another video or do any extra work on your own to make the workout a full 30 minutes.

Maddie makes the training interesting by constantly switching up the routine. It’s not your standard burpee or push-up routine, and the exercises vary significantly from one another, which lets you burn up to 320 calories

There is a countdown timer, and we all know how fun those can be. It’s simple to see how much longer you have to complete that exercise, thanks to the timer in the top left corner. 

Maddie will give you a rundown of the upcoming exercise so you can get a head start and complete the set. These videos are more appropriate for those with no prior exercise experience.

That way, you can check your form and ensure you’re moving in sync with her. 

In addition to physically demonstrating each motion, Maddie provides verbal cues that will help you follow along even if you can’t see the screen. 

A great example is if you’re lying on your back. It has a minimal impact and doesn’t call for any special gear, but don’t let that deceive you. 

Many of the exercises still cause people to break a decent sweat and leave them with the ensuing day’s worth of muscle fatigue. 

You can do this workout anywhere, including at home, on the road, or even outdoors if the weather permits, as you only need a mat.

30 Min-Full Body HIIT Workout: 425 Calories

For this HIIT workout from Madfit, you will perform each exercise for 45 seconds, with ten seconds of rest. 

To maintain proper form throughout the workout, listen to Madfit’s audio guidance. 

By targeting the right muscles, you can shred as much as 425 calories in a single session with this workout video.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) consists of bursts of all-out effort throughout a given workout, followed by brief recoveries. 

Madfit shows you how to follow through with each form and position properly. One of the main draws to high-intensity interval training (HIIT) for weight loss is the structure, which is why this particular form of workout is such a popular calorie burner.

40 Mins Glutes and Hamstring Workout: 520 Calories

Many people just work their legs and completely forget about how important glutes are. 

Everyone likes bigger, firmer butts, but it’s crucial to remember that your hamstrings are integral to practically every lower-body workout and action. 

Here’s where Madfit’s 40-minute hamstring and glute workout comes in handy. 

The hamstrings are a set of muscles that extend, twist, and abduct the hip in conjunction with the glutes.

By following Madfit’s workout plan, you will burn 520 calories in your hamstrings and glutes at the back of your legs, improving your fitness levels. 

These strong muscles play a vital role in exercises, including squatting, lunging, sprinting, jogging, and even walking. This is why this workout is great for people wanting to focus more on their glutes and hamstrings.

Now, if you want to use dumbbells for this workout, this is surely a great idea.

The more weight you can train yourself to do, the better.

This is especially true if you want to grow your butt. This can only be achieved through progressive overload with weights.

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Depending on which of the Madfit videos you chose, you can burn a good amount of calories-upwards to 520 calories if you pick her more involved workouts.

You can pick from various workout routines available right on Madfit’s channel. Your choice as to whatever part of your body you want to concentrate on to get the maximum calories burned is entirely up to you. 

What is also great about doing these workouts is you can do them right in your own living room. 

No gym membership required here! The only thing you might want to pick up is a mat.

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