The Fitness Marshall Workouts: Calories Burned (Most Popular Broken Down)

calories burned the fitness marshall videos

We all love to lose some extra weight while having a little fun at the same time. Dancing to lose weight is an ideal option, and there’s no better way then to check out The Fitness Marshall Workouts.

This YouTube channel compiles the most practical dance moves that not only touch up your skills, but help you burn some calories in the process while listening to popular hit songs. We’ve compiled the best Fitness Marshall Workouts, the average calories burned for each.

To quickly summarize, you can burn an average of 20-30 calories doing just one The Fitness Marshall workout. It will definitely be a great idea to do more than one workout if you want a good calorie burn and effective workout.

Imagine if you decided to up the ante and do 6-7 videos. This means you could burn upwards of 210 calories dancing in the comfort of your own living room!

Read on to check them out to find the best one for you.

How Many Calories Do Workouts by The Fitness Marshall Burn?

Dance workouts by The Fitness Marshall will burn on average 25-30 calories per video depending on the video chosen and song length. If you want to burn more calories, you should consider doing a few videos in a row to burn more.

If you are looking to burn a significant amount of calories to really call this doing a workout, you should strive to complete AT LEAST 4-5 videos to really get your heart rate up and burn some calories.

Remember, if your goal is to lose body fat, you need to be in a calorie deficit, which means burning more calories than you consume on a daily basis over time.

While burning 25-30 calories is great, you will have much more success doing a few of these dance videos and really burning it up in your living room.

Not sure which of their videos to choose? I know, there are TONS. 

Let’s break it down right now so you can get a better idea of what to expect out of each.

Me Too (25-30 Calories)

This dance video follows Meghan Trainor’s rhythm of the 2016 hit song and involves a bit more jumping around, shuffling, and shrugging. 

The dance starts on a higher tempo and appears to climax midway, allowing you to burn the most calories you can in only 90 seconds

The remaining half should help you burn calories but at a slightly lower intensity. 

You should expect to burn approximately 25-30 calories during the three-minute dance workout. 

However, you can still go a bit more if your enthusiasm shows, or even watch the same video again. Why not?

Cheap Thrills (20-25 Calories)

Everybody loves this Sia hit song. This dance video is slightly slacked and doesn’t involve quick and sharp movements. 

However, you should expect to jump and shuffle a bit. You’ll also move your arms more by waving and throwing them around often. 

This video feels a bit more jumpy than the others, which is great for keeping muscles engaged and lubricating those joints too.

However, the general movements should be sufficient to work out your entire body, significantly burning as many calories as possible in such a short time. 

Given the dance moves slowed nature, you should expect to burn at least 20 calories but potentially up to 25 calories.

Worth It (25-30 Calories)

You should burn more calories dancing to this dance move if you replicate Caleb Marshall’s enthusiasm throughout the three and forty-three seconds of the video. 

This workout’s dance involves more of Marshall’s signature jumps and throwing arms around, which should surely knacker you. 

While the song isn’t so fast paced, you can burn as many as 30 calories! 

Just be sure to wear your dance workout outfit and be comfortable jumping around to burn as many calories as you want.

Senorita (25-30 Calories)

This dance workout has two levels; you can choose to go intense or slow

This dance video focuses on wiggling feet and side to side steps while letting your body loosen up. 

You’ll also do short and less intense runs involving a lot of arm movement, including helicopter arms. 

This video workout ends with what Caleb Marshall terms “landing the helicopter,” which should be enough to enable you burn as many calories as possible. 

You should expect to burn between 25-30 calories depending on which level of the video you choose.

Sorry (25-30 Calories)

This dance workout is one of the most popularized in dance, perhaps because its original music video for the song passes across a dance theme for sure. 

However, Caleb Marshall takes it a notch higher with his level three dancing which should work out the entire body. 

The song is quite paced, and so are the dance moves that involve tons of body rolls and what Marshall calls “taking it back” and “Beyonce Booties.” 

Arms movements are also pretty intense but have an intermissive rest, pausing about two seconds. 

This dance workout is quite involved, and you might burn up to 30 calories on level three and 25 on level one.

Closer (20-25 Calories)

This electronic pop song might not be the typical “dance” hit since it’s chill and slow. However, no song goes past Caleb Marshall, as he’s found a way to make it instrumental in burning your calories. 

The music is relatively lengthy and takes four minutes of edged dance moves and profuse sweating, making it possible to burn as many calories as possible. 

The dance workout involves a lot of “swagger walks” and Marshall’s inventive “Take backs,” “Run backs,” and bouncing “Takedowns.” 

This dance workout should help you burn about 20 and 25 calories.

Don’t Cha (20-25 Calories)

While the song might have an upper-end tempo, its dance workout isn’t consistently paced. 

It incorporates marginal walks and pauses for slacked “sexy” moves while incorporating edged and sharp movements. 

This dance workout is ideal for beginners who are getting themselves used to burning calories through dancing while expecting to have fun simultaneously. 

The Don’t Cha dance workout won’t put you through strain but will let your energy and enthusiasm flow, which should help you burn between 20 and 25 calories.

Yummy (20-25 Calories)

This funk-style Justin Bieber hit song isn’t traditionally intense, but you can make the most of it with some enthusiasm and jumping about. 

The intense shrugging and arm movements its dance workout involves should help you keep your upper body involved while hitting your torso and chest. 

Besides, the jump and subtle side shuffles should work your body by burning more calories. 

This workout should help you burn about 20-25 calories over three minutes.

Seven Rings (20-25 Calories)

Ariana Grande’s 7 Rings tunes to a subtle hip-hop and pop combo, which is only enough to make its dance workout ideal for hitting all parts of your body. 

The dance involves swings, iced jumps, and the typical “takebacks.” 

This dance workout also involves alternate high and low tempos that balance the entire session into an indulgence that’s fun and practical in burning calories. 

You, therefore, should expect to burn about 20-25 calories in this dance workout.

Dessert (20-25 Calories)

If you don’t want a bit more involving calorie burning workout or are a beginner, this slow paced dance should be ideal. 

Except for some sectioned fast paced moments, this dance workout is generally ideal for having fun while getting around the practice as you progress into more involving ones. 

You should expect to burn a little over 25 calories in this dance workout.

Members Only Sweat Sessions by The Fitness Marshall

You can burn even more calories if you decide to join the channel on YouTube and work out along to one of The Fitness Marshall Sweat Sessions. 

In one 60 minute The Fitness Marshall sweat session, you can expect to burn 300-400 calories!

Most sweat sessions are 60 minutes in length, but there are some 30 minute sessions if you want a shorter workout or just don’t have a full hour to dedicate.

While the sweat sessions will still consist mainly of dancing, you will not have to keep choosing new videos and you can workout by dancing along to one single video.

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Last Words

Each dance workout by The Fitness Marshall will burn on average between 20-30 calories as they are only one song each.

If you want to burn more calories, consider working out to a few of the videos instead of just one, and you can burn some serious calories in your own living room without going anywhere.

Workout dances are low strain but incredibly effective for burning calories. 

The Fitness Marshall dance workouts are fun. Who wants to be bored when working out?

Remember, not every single person will burn exactly the same amount of calories in any given exercise or workout. Everyone is different.

What is important is that you are moving. ANy movement is better than no movement, and you will burn more calories in the process and this will help you get closer to your goal.

Don’t forget to check out more helpful articles below!

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