What Size Is Considered Thick? (It’s Not What You Think)


Let’s dive into the latest urban word that is seen in the comments of every attractive woman’s social media posts – “Thick”. This term is becoming more and more commonly used as time goes on.

But, what size is actually considered thick?

As a standard, someone who is thick will generally run between a size 12-18 if they are a woman, and a man who is considered thick will generally have a waist size greater than 36 and wear at least a size large in a top.

Now, you must remember these sizes are not standardized. Not everyone is built the same and just because someone is considered “thick” does not mean they must conform to these sizes.

Continue reading to learn more about what it means to be built thick.

What Size Is Considered Thick?

Even though this term has become a household word all over the world. Clothing brands are not coming out with sizes that are for “thick” individuals. So, allotting a certain size or size range to describe a thick person is not 100% exact as it depends on one person to another.

Being considered thick is more of a body shape than a body/dress size. So, even though you might find many sources that suggest female sizes (American size) from 12 to 18 are considered thick, do understand it is unofficial.

Let’s take Beyonce for example. Her measurements are thought to be 35-26-38 and is thought to only be a size 8, but many still consider her to be a thick woman.

This size range is generally accepted purely for categorization and to remove any confusion.

The word “thick” or “thicc” is used to describe a specific body type (commonly a woman’s body).

It is a way to describe women with voluptuous curves and full-figured hips, breasts, and most importantly thighs.

A tiny or slim waist is not absolutely necessary along with these features. However, certain “thick” celebrities with their perfect hourglass shapes (Icons like Rihanna and Kim Kardashian) have made many believe that you got to have a tiny waist as well.


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Can Men Be Considered Thick?

Yes, men can be considered thick too.

Being thick is not something that is solely of a female category.

Some common male celebrities who are considered to be thick can include Chris Pratt, David Harbour, and Jason Momoa.


If a man has a good amount of muscle mass on his frame with a slightly higher amount of body fat, many would consider this man to be built thick.

However, if a man has a very muscular frame and a very low body fat percentage, many would most likely consider him muscular and not thick.

Being thick is not standardized across the board. Just because others do not consider a person to look thick, does not mean that person doesn’t consider themself thick.

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Does Thick Mean Unhealthy?

When this word was first floating around on Twitter and Instagram, many people thought that the term means that you are fat or unhealthy. However, the LGBTQIA+ (mainly) actively used this urban word to educate that this is actually a positive word and not at all an insult in any shape or form.

So, in a way, the word thick has become a powerful word to describe a specific body type that was once considered unhealthy or unattractive by mainstream media.

Being thick is considered to be sexy and appealing currently.

As per the universally accepted Body Mass Index (BMI), an adult will be considered in the overweight range if his/her BMI happens to be 25 to 30+.

So, if yours is between 18.5 to 25+ and you are blessed with the features needed to be called thick, then consider yourself thick and not unhealthy or fat/obese.

Does Thick Mean Chubby?

No, being thick does not necessarily mean you are chubby.

Now this very question continues to fuel many debates, but as per Oxford Dictionary, a person who is slightly “fat” yet is considered attractive can be called chubby.

The term chubby is used to describe children mainly once, however, now this word is used to describe an adult as well. Again, if Urban Dictionary is taken into consideration, a chubby person is someone with a thick, curvy, and soft figure with a round face.

So, if you go by Oxford’s definition, a thick person can also be called chubby. On the other hand, a round face (especially chubby cheeks) is a prominent feature of chubbiness as per Urban Dictionary, so not all chubby people are considered thick.

Many believe that high cheekbones and/or sharp jawlines are a must in all thick women, thus, chubby and thick are two separate categories.

Can Thick Mean Muscular?

There are some people who use the term thick to describe a muscular person. However, thick does not always mean muscular.

Even though some might argue that for years in the black community a muscular woman was called thick. However, some prominent black celebrities/bloggers have stated that they feel that being thick does not mean that you are muscular.

The thing is, a thick woman should have full-figure features and curves, yet their body should be “toned.” This is a reason why thick and fat are considered two separate words.

A person will be considered fat if they are untoned (very low muscle definition) or have excess skin hanging from certain sections of the body.

Thus, it can be said that a thick person is someone with a full-figured yet toned with a sharp jawline and high cheekbones (or a toned face).

So, the word “toned” is emphasized to define thick rather than muscular.

A thick body is said to be god-gifted (even though it is not) whereas muscles are gained after working hard on your body. So, one should not define a muscular person as a thick person.

Even if you are naturally muscular, you will still not be considered as thick if your muscles look like a by-product of spending hours in a gym.

Is Being Called Thick a Compliment?

Even though the term is mostly thought to be used for sexualizing women, it can still be considered a compliment as its perception has changed over the years.

Thick is the new Sexy! The word itself is revolutionary as it is breaking down the old body labeling formats with a new form of body labeling that is considered healthy and respectful in a way.

The intent behind the use of this term was to celebrate a group’s body type which was under-represented in popular culture.

Now many powerful and intelligent women have described in detail that the term thick will bring changes.

Proper usage and promotion of this word will make many women struggling with their body image to appreciate their bodies more. They can be happy and proud of their bodies and such a word can break all toxic beauty norms.

However, it should be mentioned that there are some who refuse to accept the word thick as they feel that it is still a way to sexualize a woman’s body without that person’s consent. They also may feel that the word is a negative word, but this is individual.

Do not worry about what size is considered thick or if this term is a compliment or insult. You have to understand that words are just words and labels at the end of the day are just labels.

It is you who gives words/labels the power. You can take it as a compliment and build yourself up and create body positivity within you or you can get hurt by it and let a comment crumble your mental peace, self-esteem, and confidence. So, choose wisely!

Last Words

Being considered thick does not always fit into a standardized size category, but it can be expected that someone who is considered thick will run between a size 12-18 in female sizing.

Being considered thick or “thicc” is now commonly accepted as a positive term.

It is a term that can be used to describe both males and females and is thought to help people become more body positive.

At the end of the day, what matters is how you feel about your own body, and that you are healthy overall.

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