Will Just Crack an Egg Cause Weight Gain? Likely Not


You may be looking for easy breakfast ideas and rely on the popular Kraft Heinz product Just Crack an Egg, but will Just Crack an Egg cause weight gain?

While it is healthier to make your own egg scramble from fresh ingredients, you will not gain weight from using Just Crack an Egg as long as you maintain a calorie deficit.

Let’s take a look.

Will Just Crack an Egg Cause Weight Gain?

Just Crack an Egg will not cause weight gain if you are staying in a calorie deficit.

A caloric deficit is what determines if we lose weight, not the type of food we consume.

If you are consuming more calories than your body is burning, it is only in this way you will gain weight.

In all truth, Just Crack an Egg could actually help you lose weight.

Calorie content in Just Crack an Egg

Just Crack an Egg contains about 200 calories without the egg added.

Once you add the egg in and prepare it, it will contain around 270 calories on average, but this really depends on the size of egg or eggs you are using.

The Just Crack an Egg Omelet Rounds contain about 240 calories depending on which flavor you choose, and they already have the egg inside.

Different sizes of eggs contain a different amount of calories.

It is important you are counting the calories in an egg accurately when you are preparing eggs, as larger eggs will have a higher calorie content than smaller eggs.

Click the link below for a SUPER helpful guide that will allow you to accurately calculate the calories in eggs.

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Nutrient contents in Just Crack an Egg

In the original flavor of Just Crack an Egg unprepared, there are 20 grams of fat, 10 grams of saturated fat, 0.5 grams of trans fats with 55 mg cholesterol.

Also, the sodium content of Just Crack an Egg is 660 mg with only 2 carbs.

There are 14 grams of protein prior to adding the egg.

While the amount of sodium and fat are a bit high likely due to the use of processed ingredients and cured meats, the protein content is decent and calories are relatively low.

Preparing Just Crack an Egg would be a low calorie breakfast overall, so if you worried about gaining weight, Just Crack an Egg would actually benefit you.

If you are worried about the high sodium and fats, you can also choose to just scramble your own eggs using healthier ingredients such as fresh vegetables, lean meats, and low-fat cheese.

Can I Put Two Eggs In Just Crack an Egg?

Sure, you can add more than one egg into Just Crack an Egg if you choose to.

However, you definitely want to make sure you are accounting for the caloric content of the extra egg if you are trying to lose weight.

If you have eggs that are super sized and you are worry about it fitting in the Just Crack an Egg Cup or container, you can use a different bowl.

There is nothing wrong with adding an extra egg to Just Crack an Egg, as eggs are one of the best foods you can choose to eat to lose weight.

Eggs are a complete protein and contain all the essential amino acids our body needs to perform optimally.

They are also a great source of healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals.

So, don’t be afraid to add an extra egg into your Just Crack an Egg scramble.

Is Just Crack an Egg Keto Friendly?

Depending on what flavor of Just Crack an Egg you choose, they can be very keto friendly.

For example, the southwest style Just Crack an Egg scrambler contains potatoes, as well as the Denver style Just Crack an Egg contains green peppers but also potatoes.

You will have to double check the nutrition label on each individual product to make sure it fits into your keto diet macros. Potatoes are not very keto friendly so you might want to pick a different flavor.

Most containers of Just Crack an Egg contain anywhere from 2 grams to 8 grams of carbs, so you want to make sure you are accurately counting the carbs in your selected flavor of Just Crack an Egg.

Personally, I do not enjoy Keto and those who read the articles on this site know I believe there is an easier way to lose weight without restricting carbohydrates. If you want to check it out, check out the article below.

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However, if you are a fan of Keto, Just Crack an Egg will likely be an option that will work for you, depending on what your carbohydrate range is.

Calorie Deficit and Just Crack an Egg

Using Just Crack an Egg in your calorie deficit for weight loss can be a great alternative because it is a low calorie option and it very easy if you’re short on time.

With the egg or multiple eggs added, it will also be a rich source of protein if you are trying to maintain muscle, grow glutes, or gain muscle elsewhere on your body.

Let’s face it, we lead busy lives. We are always looking for ways to make our everyday tasks easier and less time consuming.

I am not against using shortcuts at all, and I actually use prepackaged foods all of the time and have managed to lose weight and get in shape.

It all comes down to calories in vs. calories out.

If you burn more calories than you take in, you will lose weight. It is as simple as this.

If you are concerned about the processed ingredients or fat content in prepackaged foods, then you might want to cook on your own using fresher ingredients.

To Summarize

Just Crack an Egg will not cause weight gain if you are in a calorie deficit, as weight gain and loss is determined by the amount of calories we consume rather than the type of food.

If you are concerned about the high sodium content or fat content, you can either choose a healthier flavor or make your own scramble from fresh ingredients.

Losing weight in a calorie deficit should not equal deprivation. You can eat the foods you love and still lose weight.