Yoga with Adriene Workouts And Calories They Burn (Broken Down For You)


Adriene Mishler is one of the most well known yoga personalities on YouTube today, and if you are a yoga fanatic, it is likely you know who she is and love her workouts. 

Throughout her videos, she demonstrates different ways to properly find your center, balance, and breathing through deep breathing and meditation while maintaining your calorie burn

When doing Yoga With Adriene Workout videos, you can expect to burn between 150-600 calories on average, depending on which workout you choose.

Not sure which one to pick? Don’t worry, I am going to break them down for you right now.

Let’s discuss it and learn more about the number of calories you can expect to burn for each of her popular yoga videos.

Calories Burned During Yoga With Adriene Workouts

Arms, Abs, Attitude: 90 Calories

In this 31-minute practice, you’ll be encouraged to work WITH your body rather than on it.

While working on your upper body strength, awakening your abdominal wall, and bringing energy to your third chakra, it is recommended to take a moment to reflect on your feelings toward your body. 

With this practice, you’ll leave your mat in the greatest possible mental and physical condition while burning up to 90 calories in the process.

Healthy Energy Flow: 90 Calories

Healthy Energy Flow affects the entire body. It encourages you to practice with a more refined awareness of your breath, as well as your spirit and your guidance on and off the mat. 

This method guides you in cultivating a healthy flow of energy, which in turn helps you establish a sustainable practice that you wish to return to regularly.

You can feel your best throughout spring and summer with this workout that helps burn up to 90 calories

When performing this exercise, Adriene recommends focusing on correct form, movement, and sensation to burn fat and tone muscles. Achieve your fitness and well-being goals by engaging in deliberate movement.

Hips and Hammies: 150 Calories

The process of transformation does not require you to adopt a new identity. What this is about is rediscovering who you are. That’s why it’s so great to include this yoga workout concept in your regular workout routine.

This Yoga Hip and hamstring focus on hamstring stretching, core connection, and neck and shoulder in this intense yoga routine which helps you burn up to 150 calories

Adriene recommends focusing on your breathing while you move and having fun simultaneously.

Balance Practice: 110 Calories

The Balance Practice Yoga workout aims to strengthen and tone muscles from the inside while burning up to 110 calories

Use Adriene’s fantastic Balancing Yoga Practice to help you become more grounded and confident in your present circumstances. Decide to improve your character and become the best possible version of yourself.

You can use the video as a starting point and let your instincts guide you. Pay attention to your sensations and nurture them with your breath. According to Adriene, working out is a great way to have fun while developing a positive mindset and body.

Focus on Arms and Abs: 80 Calories

The abdominal and upper-body muscles are the target of this yoga routine. From the inside out, you’re getting stronger as your lower tummy and the abdominal wall are toned. 

Strengthen your equilibrium and poise by toning your arm muscles while burning up to 80 calories

Add yoga’s tenets to the mix for an at-home workout that’s both effective and easy to maintain on your own.

Strengthen and Lengthen: 170 Calories

Stability is the key to Hatha yoga. It’s the process of locating and maintaining equilibrium between opposing factors. 

The tango of bringing together separate elements. Harmony between the right and left sides. It’s a game of difficulty and simplicity. 

Even for athletes, this strengthens and lengthens yoga workout is a fantastic complement to any sport’s physical training regimen and will help you burn up to 170 calories.

Learn to focus on your core to avoid injuries, and incorporate more stretching into your warm-ups and cool-downs. This is a crucial point! 

The best way to find out if it works is to go back and try it again. You are feeling your muscles expanding and your routine maturing. Adriene says not to stop trying to think of solutions, such as where you can add length to make more room. Just enjoy this workout and see the results.

Total Body Workout: 600 Calories

This fat-burning workout is intended to reconnect you with your abs and inner core and kindle that fire within your belly. 

Through consistent use of this program, you will be able to develop serious strength from the inside out. Therefore, it will initially be challenging since you will burn up to 600 calories throughout this workout. 

However, do not give up! Master it like a vocabulary, even if you can only do a little at a time or just a little at a time.

You’ll be able to increase your vocabulary in this way gradually, and before you know it, you’ll be able to hold fantastic conversations with your newfound core strength. 

As your language grows, you will finally be able to recognize an incredible pattern that stimulates vitality within your core. If you do this, you will undoubtedly learn about aspects of yourself that you were unaware of.

Hips and Core: 260 Calories

Hips & Core is a dynamic sequence that can be completed in only 12 minutes and aims to improve hip stability and strength. 

If you move in time with your breath while performing this intermediate Vinyasa sequence, you will not only feel great but also burn up to 260 calories and find your core.

This workout will help you look and feel amazing in ways that have never been possible before. During this workout, be mindful of your physical requirements, remember to take several deep breaths, and allow yourself to be receptive to an overwhelming amount of love from this workout session.

Can You Actually Lose Weight Doing Yoga?

Of course you can lose weight doing yoga, but you must remember that a calorie deficit is required in order to see weight loss.

In order to lose weight, you must burn more calories than you consume through a calorie deficit. Yoga will help to burn some additional calories, but you must not rely solely on yoga to see results. Calories in and calories out is always key.

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Many think that yoga is “easy” and does not burn any calories, but this is not true at all. Just because yoga is not as intense as cardio or strength training does not mean you will not burn any calories to make a difference.

How many calories you burn during a yoga session is very individualized and depends on a variety of factors such as:

  • Intensity of the session
  • Length of the session
  • Type of yoga
  • Your gender
  • Your current weight and size

Depending on the factors listed above, it is actually possible to burn upwards of 450 calories in an hour during a yoga session!

If you want to get started with yoga in the comfort of your living room, Yoga With Adriene is a great channel to get started and learn how to master yoga, while burning some additional calories in the process.


Working out using Adriene’s yoga specialty allows you to find your breathing and relaxation time and simultaneously lets you burn calories. 

Yoga is one of the few exercises out there that anyone can try, whether young or old and with Adriene’s workout methods, one can learn a lot and stay healthy. 

Results for her yoga workouts vary depending on factors such as current age and weight, so it is always important to remember that calories burned will vary from individual to individual.

However, it is a given that you will definitely burn additional calories by doing Yoga With Adriene and that if you are looking to lose weight, yoga is a great addition to your routine for sure.

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